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ECA is empowered by law to register all foreign contractors seeking to undertake construction works in this country.

Foreign contractors should note that they are required to seek registration with the Ethiopian Construction Authority after issuance of an award letter and before signing the contract and should only undertake construction works or projects with a value limit of category ECA .

Therefore, the registration certificate and practicing license issued is specific to the contract being undertaken.

Foreign contractors are also required to attend at least one continuous professional development (CPD) training in each financial year and be awarded 10 CPD points.

They will however make a renewal application based on the date they downloaded their license and certificate.

It should also be noted that in the event that the project duration initially indicated has expired but the project is still ongoing, the foreign firm(s) is required to seek a project extension through their contractor portal.

Registration Process

These are the steps to register as a foreign contractor:

  1. Visit our website.
  2. Click the ‘Contractors’ tab, then click on ‘Register to be a Contractor’. This will take you to the registration portal.
  3. Register an account by filling in the requested information in each field, after which you will be able to log into your account with your National ID/Passport Number input during the registration process.
  4. Click on the ‘New Application’ tab then click on the ‘Foreign Contractor Registration’ option and fill in the required information.
  5. After submission of the online application a one-time application fee of USD 500 will be paid, after which the application will be evaluated.
  6. Upon approval of the online application, an invoice will be generated on your application’s status page.
  7. Click ‘Proceed to make payments’ under the contractor registration payment status section on your status page.
  8. Choose your preferred payment method and proceed to make payment. The system will verify the E-Citizen payment immediately
  9. Upon successful payment, the ECA license and certificate will be made available instantly for download.
  10. Click ‘Generate’ to view your ECA certificate(s) then select ‘My Licenses/Certificates’ to download them.

Registration Requirements

  1. Copy of company compliance certificate (attach copies of passport(s) and work permit(s) for the director(s) or certificate of incorporation and CR12.
  2. Academic certificates and testimonials for the technically qualified directors.
  3. Academic certificates and testimonials for the technically qualified staff.
  4. Work permit(s) for the technically qualified staff.
  5. A valid Ethiopian tax compliance certificate.
  6. A certified copy of current business license.
  7. If applying for electrical engineering works, attach a license from the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA).
  8. If applying for communications engineering works, attach a license from Communications Authority of Ethiopa).
  9. Three years ‘audited accounts, certified by a person registered with the Institute of Certified Public Accountants (ICPAK) and other relevant financial information.
  10. Proof of firm’s past experience locally/other jurisdictions and ongoing project(s) if any.
  11. Proof of plant, equipment and machine holdings;
  12. Certified copies of documentation proving ownership of assets
  13. Sworn affidavit (see sample on ECA website)
  14. An undertaking, in writing, stating that the foreign firm shall:
    • Subcontract or enter into a joint venture with a local contractor for not less than 30% of the value of contract work for which temporary registration is sought;
    • Transfer technical skills not available locally to a local firm or person in a manner that the Authority may determine from time to time.

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